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Our April 2020 Poem of the Month comes from Tom French’s new collection, The Sea Field, which was published on 2nd April 2020.

The Night Field

It was the brothers who were partial to a yarn
but it was he who pulled on boots and went
to check on the cattle in The Night Field,
and that was nearly the last they saw of him.

He holds off yet from saying ‘stray’ and ‘sod’.
What he does say is, for what felt like a night
and a day without sun he felt along the walls
like a man abandoned by the gift of sight.

It was coming on morning when they heard
the sound of his step, his hand on the latch.
‘The world is what is visible; and more again’ —

was as far as he would be inclined to go.
He knew that field, its every blade of grass.
I heard him then. I marked him. I pass it on.

                                              by Tom French
                           from The Sea Field (2020)
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