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Stewart Parker (1941-1988)

‘The most appealing thing about Parker’s work is the ease with which he blends lunatic humour with a gritty sense of reality. He’s done it before in Spokesong and he does it again in this hard, ribald and hilarious little play.’ [on Catchpenny Twist]

                                                                       — Sunday Times

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Stewart Parker was born in Belfast in 1941 and was a Northern Irish playwright, writing for radio, television and stage.

His plays include Spokesong, Catchpenny Twist (Gallery, 1977), Nightshade and a trilogy of ‘history’ plays, Northern Star, Heavenly Bodies and Pentecost.

The Stewart Parker Trust Award for best debut play, was set up in his name after his death in 1988.

Catchpenny Twist

Stewart Parker’s Catchpenny Twist was first produced in the Peacock Theatre, Dublin, in August 1977. Three months later it was shown on the BBC.

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