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Gregory O’Donoghue (1951-2005)

At heart an émigré, the last of a generation who believed in the potential of poetry to bring about radical social and individual change, a loner but convivial, truculent on occasion but tender and sympathetic to a fault, singular in his passion for his chosen craft . . .

— The Irish Times (obituary)

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Gregory O'DonoghueGregory O’Donoghue was born in 1951. Son of the poet and playwright Robert O’Donoghue, he attended University College Cork and contributed to periodicals in Ireland, Canada, and America. He lived for many years in Ontario.

Kicking, his only publication with The Gallery Press, appeared in 1975.

Gregory O’Donoghue died in Cork in 2005.


Gregory O’Donoghue’s Kicking was published by The Gallery Press in 1975.

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