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Some notes for prospective submissions to The Gallery Press
– and some requests…

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The Gallery Press was established in 1970 to publish the work of writers who are Irish by birth, residence, citizenship (or who have applied for citizenship).  Since then many of the poets we published first have become established, leading figures.  Other poets have joined the list from different publishers, some of these English-based.  And we also publish plays.  

It is a particular pleasure still to publish new writers, and the Press is always interested in considering new work.

We receive unsolicited manuscripts every day. Please be patient. I read everything with due care.

Please don’t raise your hopes overmuch. The odds are always against acceptance. We can only publish so many books every year and much of our programme is devoted to newly completed work by authors we publish already. When we enter an agreement to publish an author we hope it’s the beginning of an ongoing, lifelong collaboration.

Please don’t submit work to us if you’re not familiar with our books. We trust that if you’re interested in writing you’re interested in reading, and if you’re interested in reading you’ll have encountered our books.

Please don’t submit novels, historical romances, autobiographies, biographies, children’s books, etc. We don’t publish them.

The Press does not accept submissions by e-mail or fax. Please post your submission to The Gallery Press, Loughcrew, Oldcastle, Co. Meath, A82 N225.

Please don’t think we’re printers. Please don’t think we’ll produce books to your specifications. If we do offer to publish your work, we’ll offer an advance against royalties on sales. A good writer should never have to contribute to the costs of publication of their work.

Please don’t expect or ask for commentary or criticism if we reject your submission. The work we do in the preparation, production and promotion of the books we are publishing takes so much time we cannot enter into correspondence about other manuscripts.

Please don’t submit plays which have not received a professional production. 

Please think of publishing poems in magazines, newspapers etc. before compiling a collection and approaching a book publisher. 

Please let us know if you are submitting, simultaneously, your work to another publisher. We’d prefer a clear option on it

Please remember the convention of enclosing a stamped addressed envelope or International Reply coupons. Please don’t enclose foreign stamps. 

Please send typed manuscripts. Please keep copies. While every reasonable care is taken, The Gallery Press cannot be responsible for the loss of or damage to manuscripts.

These guides may sound excessively formal or, even, off-putting. I’m sorry. You wouldn’t believe some of the things we receive. We hope they might be helpful. 

And we wish you well.

Peter Fallon
Editor & Publisher



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The Gallery Press
County Meath
A82 N225

Tel: +353 (0)49 8541779


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