Poems 1956-1986


James Simmons

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‘I sing of natural forces, ‘marriages, divorces.’

Readers and reviewers and audiences in many countries delighted in what Paul Durcan pinpointed as ‘great vigour and extreme delicacy’ in James Simmons’s poems and songs while, in The Observer, Peter Porter predicted, ‘Many years from now his handling of the vernacular will seem one of the lasting styles of a very confused literary period.’ This book includes more than one hundred poems, among them the ballad, ‘Claudy’, which has entered the repertoire of folk music.

Simmons is a one-off, highly skilled and versatile, a genuinely accessible writer, who speaks from the life endured or enjoyed by many. Poems 1956-1986 deserves to be widely and repeatedly read.

— Sean O’Brien

Year Published: 1986
Details: 208pp
ISBN PBK: 978 1 85235 002 4

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