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On Ballycastle Beach


Medbh McGuckian

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This revised edition of On Ballycastle Beach, Medbh McGuckian’s third collection, extends her rhapsodic enquiry into the nature of boundaries and borders. Its odyssey ends where ‘I had forgotten there could be such light’.

‘Despite the comparisons that she invites with other poets, living and dead, her voice is entirely her own. She is high priestess of the miraculous, speaking in tongues, chanting into life some other life that we might have known or still might know.’ — John Drexel, The New England Review and Broad Leaf Quarterly

‘The beauty and genius of these poems continually redefine our notions of poetry.’ — Molly Bendal, Antioch Review

‘Of twentieth-century poets writing in English, she strikes me as one of the most original and compelling — and as easily the most white-hot Irish poet since Yeats.’ — Calvin Bedient, Parnassus

‘Desire, not Belfast, is the site of the battle of which she gives an astonishingly colourful, inwardly spinning, dazed and elegiac report.

— Calvin Bedient, Parnassus

‘A different purpose is being served here. The images are there not to elucidate but to detonate and resonate in all their weird energy.’

— Peter Sirr, The Irish Times

The beauty and genius of these poems continually redefine our notions of poetry.

— Molly Bendall, The Antioch Review

Poetry Book Society Recommendation

Year Published: 1995
Details: 64pp
ISBN PBK: 978 1 85235 157 1

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