The Last Cold Day


Poems in Sara Berkeley’s fourth Gallery book, The Last Cold Day, are alert to climate threat, conjuring memories of fires sending up ‘their smoky prayers’ and ‘the ice [that] sings its long last song, / a requiem.’

The Last Cold Day charts a move across America, from California to New York’s Hudson Valley, from one climate to four seasons. It records the author’s life in the frontlines of the epidemic, the lessons of the dying and the life that goes on. In poems praised by Dermot Bolger for their ‘poise and sharply minted clarity’ Sara Berkeley records a return visit to her native Ireland as well as a new love and marriage.

but one day
the new roads look familiar,
you turn into your driveway
and you’re home.

The Last Cold Day - Sara Berkeley

Publication Date: 3 October 2022
Details: 72pp
ISBN PBK: 978 1 91133 835 2
ISBN HBK: 978 1 91133 836 9

Cover: Photograph by Sara Berkeley

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