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The Alexandrine Plan


Ciaran Carson

Available in Paperback only

In thirty-four sonnets Ciaran Carson animates the romantic agony of three of Europe’s great nineteenth-century poets with characteristic humour, argot and brilliant rhymes. Their formal patterns harness the forward rush of his thought and language. His ‘correspondences’ in The Alexandrine Plan show these poets’ relevance to late twentieth-century Ireland.

‘[A] reader with even a smattering of French might appreciate how thoroughly Carson both translates – that is, carries across – and then transplants in an altogether different soil and climate the richness of those originals.’ — Thomas O’Grady, Boston Review

A marvelous work of art, part verse, part prose, part haiku, part beautifully controlled long, loose, lines. It is about Belfast past and present and is full of surprises, savage and witty, human and extravagant. His voice is truly original, both intelligent and passionate. — S. Byatt, The Sunday Times Books of the Year

From the dazzling, astonishingly inventive translations of Beaudelaire’s, Rimbaud’s and Mallarme’s sonnets to his own poems and prose, Ciaran Carson continues to demonstrate what it means to have ears that truly work. He is one of the best poets we have on both sides of the Atlantic and the publication of every one of his books is a major event in our literatures.’

Charles Simic

Year Published: 1998
Details: 96pp
ISBN PBK: 978 1 85235 218 9

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