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Derek Mahon

Selected Prose

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Derek Mahon, best known as a poet, worked as a freelance journalist for many years, and his first prose book, Journalism, brings together a selection of his feature articles, lectures and book reviews.

Some of these, like the essays on MacNeice and Beckett, Brian Moore and J.G. Farrell, are seriously ‘literary’ in nature; while others, like the reports from Coleraine, Rome and Los Angeles, are more discursive and relaxed, if not downright mischievous.

‘Mahon’s Journalism is a welcome addition to the body of work written by the poet. With it in hand we can begin to appreciate the range of Mahon’s interests over the last twenty years.’ — Derek Coyle, Irish Literary Supplement

‘Derek Mahon, besides his acknowledged quality as a poet, is a fine critic and an excellent literary journalist . . . open the book just about anywhere, and you will find yourself reading and then going back to the beginning.’ — Brian Fallon, The Irish Times

Mahon takes his honourable place as a conscientious, highly productive, often insightful literary journalist whose distinguishing tone is a certain lightness of touch combined with an infectious, adroitly humorous pleasure at what the world of letters has to offer.
— Terence Brown

Year Published: 1996
Details: 248pp
ISBN PBK: 978 1 85235 178 6

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