In My Father’s House

Seán Dunne

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Seán Dunne’s mother died at the age of thirty-three, when he was four years old. In My Father’s House, his account of the trials and tests of a childhood in Waterford in the 1960s, touched a communal heart when it was published in 1991, and became a bestseller.

This eloquent testimony to one fractured family’s capacity to prevail, including the heroic roles enacted by Seán’s father, Richie, and their housekeeper, Tessie, unfolds with an understated dignity. Acute loss and vivid recall yield wry and poignant truths.

Seán Dunne’s disarmingly simply prose scrutinizes social history in an Irish housing-estate, with its stories of tragedy and resilience, through the lens of personal experience. Told with honesty, humour and love, it endures also as the record of a spiritual odyssey and growth.

He was only four when his mother died, aged 33, and Seán [Dunne] writes with honesty and humour of how his family coped, vividly recalling events and people. It’s a marvellous read, funny and poignant, which captures magically a childhood which is at once unique yet universal.

— Tina Neylon, The Examiner

Year Published: 2000
Details: 168pp
ISBN eBook: 978 1 85235 640 8

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