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Eye to Eye


Peter Fallon

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Eye to Eye, Peter Fallon’s fourth poetry collection continues and expands his report from a farming community in the Irish midlands.

Imagine a man not wanting to live. 

The collection includes a series of poems which chronicle the experience of women and, in particular, the crosses they are forced to bear. The book pivots on three extended poems about deaths which the author tries to comprehend one, a murder; another, an uncle’s suicide; and ‘A Part of Ourselves’, prompted by the death of his infant son. For all these troubles, Eye to Eye embraces windfalls and consolations in a cherished place.

‘. . . a moving and marvelously articulate collection’. — Books Ireland

‘Peter Fallon’s poetry confirms Keats’s notion that an intelligence becomes a soul through being schooled in a world of pains and troubles. His poems are soul music of this sort, yet they also belong to a particular place and a particular speech: his way of saying has become a way of seeing, eye to eye with griefs and crises he is emotionally well able for.’ — Seamus Heaney

Year Published: 1992
Details: 64pp
ISBN PBK: 978 1 85235 100 7

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