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In the novel art of Cargo, Polina Cosgrave’s second collection poems address her young daughter, weigh the world ahead of her and posit a better future.

Evocations of the author’s native Russia and a country ‘where no one can sleep at night’ pave the way for the chilling documentary detail of the title poem and the desperation it fends off. But this wide- ranging book also embraces the erotic (‘the mere touch of you / is a lit match’) and the ecstatic (‘just put your palm / between them / and you’ll know’) as they meet the tenderness of poems such as ‘What Makes You Special’.

With social consciousness, wit, elegance and a cavalier abandon, Cargo confirms the presence of a daring, vital new voice in Irish poetry.

Make sure the sparks are flying high
from underneath your heels
when you’re dancing like crazy
to the devil’s music.

Cargo - Polina Cosgrave

Publication date: 18 April 2024
Details: 68pp
ISBN PBK: 978 1 91133 878 9
ISBN HBK: 978 1 91133 879 6

Cover: ‘Fly-by’ (2006) by James Hanley, graphite and Letraset on Fabriano paper

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