As If It Matters


Eamon Grennan

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‘Insofar as this ambiguity in the title may be interrogative, it must be said that this collection is a resounding affirmation that it does indeed matter . . . this is a wonderful book.’
— Poetry Ireland Review

Mixing lyricism and meditation, many of the poems in As If It Matters abide by some unspoken law of acknowledgement: things of the world are acknowledged for what they are. The clear, informing notes of careful description and the dedication to the ordinary in experience are recognizable from Eamon Grennan’s earlier books.

But in As If It Matters these new poems have deepened into richer and more intriguing harmonies. Resistant as they are to certainty, the poems go on finding a language for their uncertainty, and in that discovery lies the individual exhilaration of this work: the continuous sense it presents of a responsive imagination receiving the world and giving it back, in its own terms, something of that plenitude.


Year Published: 1991
Details: 88pp
ISBN PBK: 978 1 85235 065 9