Jim Nolan by Jim AboschThe Red Iron, a new play, by Jim Nolan

Previews Nov 9th/10th
8:00 pm

September 2017 . . . As crowds gather on Waterford’s Quay to greet the county’s vanquished All-Ireland hurling team . . .

. . . the now middle-aged members of a teenage gang return to the city’s long abandoned Red Iron Bridge to remember their recently deceased friend.

The revelation of events surrounding the former hurling star’s death and the unexpected return of a long-exiled associate unravel the cords that bind the gang and expose the fragile nature of a thirty-year old friendship.

Jim Nolan is one of Ireland’s foremost playwrights and directors whose work has earned a distinguished place in the repertoire of contemporary Irish theatre. A former Writer in Association at the Abbey Theatre and a member of Aosdána. His plays Moonshine (1992), The Salvage Shop (1998), Blackwater Angel (2001), Sky Road(2007),  Brighton (2010),  Dreamland (2014) and Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye (2017) are published by The Gallery Press and have been presented throughout Ireland, in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.


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